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Each Millbrook bed is individually and lovingly handmade in England using the finest natural fabrics and fillings, such as wool, cotton, cashgora, and silk.

From the nesting of individual pocketed springs, to the hand side-stitching of each mattress, every stage in the making of our beds meets exacting standards of timeless quality.

Unlock the secret to perfect sleep in a beautifully created Millbrook bed.

The Recipe for perfect sleep

We sew together luxuriously soft, natural fillings and position thousands of individually hand nested pocket springs within a mattress, which provides a support for the individual curves of your neck and spine, so that beneath the softness there’s strength just where you need it. Each and every mattress in the collection features traditional hand side stitching; a skilled and time consuming process that’s worth every minute of extra time it takes. Not only does traditional hand side stitching lend refinement and a quality finish to your luxury mattress, it also extends the lifespan and the sleeping surface of the mattress.

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